Society Registration

Society Registration is governed by the Society Registration Act 1860. To avail various tax benefits and separate legal status, you need to get it registered. . If you are confused let Finango handle it for you.

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A Society is an association of several individuals combined for the promotion of a common cause without any monetary gain governed by the Societies Registration Act 1860. The objectives of a Society are promotion of fine arts, charitable purposes, military orphan funds, societies, literature, public museums, galleries of paintings, designs, instruments. The purpose of Society Registration can be underlined as it enables to give boost to legal conditions of Society.


    • Procures a legal status.
    • Can legitimately open a bank account.
    • Avail tax benefits and enhance its credibility.


Minimum 7 or more members are required to create a society. The eligible members who can apply for Society Registration are as follows: Foreigners or Non Resident of India. Partnership Firm Any Company(Foreign or Domestic) Registered Societies

Validity Period

It’s a one time registration with lifetime validity

Processing Time?

The overall process may take upto 1 month from the date of application depending upon the processing done by the Department.

Documents Required :

  • PAN Card of all the members of the society.
  • Address Proof of registered office - Rental Agreement or Ownership Document & NOC from the property owner or Utility Bills i.e. Telephone, electricity, water.
  • Address Proof of all the members -Bank Statement/ Aadhaar Card/ Utility Bill/ Driving License/ Passport)
  • Memorandum of Association(MOA)
  • Bye-Laws of the Society. Once the rules have been formed, they can be changed but the new set of rules will be signed by the President, Chairman, Vice President and the Secretary of the Society.
  • A covering letter mentioning the objective or the purpose for which the society is being formed signed by all the founding members of the society.
  • A list of all the members of the governing body has to be given along with their signatures.
  • A declaration has to be given by the president of the proposed society that he is willing and competent to hold the said post
  •  Note 1: - All the documents have to be self-certified.

Note:- All the documents have to be self-certified

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Society a separate legal entity?

    Yes, a Society is a separate legal entity.

  • How many members are required to incorporate a society?

    Minimum 7 members

  • How many members are required to incorporate a society?

    Minimum 7 members.

  • Is it compulsory to get a Society Registration in India?

    Yes, it is compulsory to get a Society registered in India.

  • What is the governing law for a Society in India?

    The Society Registration Act 1860 is the governing law for a society incorporated in India.

  • If the membership ceases, will society cease to exist?

    No, society will continue to exist.

  • In what other ways an NGO can be registered in India?

    NGOs can be registered online as Trust, Societies or Section 8 companies.

  • What are the components of MOA of Society?

    The steps involved are convening a general meeting; passing of the resolution; signing of resolution; and submitting the same to the registrar.

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