Patent Registration

By patenting your idea, you can prohibit your competitors from earning from what you've developed.

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Patent is an intangible asset that can provide the world with a life-changing invention while also contributing to the inventor's or his company's financial success. It gives an inventor complete control over his creation and allows him to prevent others from creating, using, selling, offering to sell, or importing it


    • Protects your innovation.
    • Helps to keep competitors away.
    • Enhances credibility.


Patent registration is available to all unique inventions and must meet the 3 requirements: • Novelty i.e. Invention must be distinctive & unique. • Non- Obviousness i.e. something that can’t be predicted easily • Must have Industrial Application.

Validity Period

The term of every patent in India is 20 years from the date of filing the patent application, irrespective of whether it is filed with provisional or complete specification.

Processing Time?


Documents Required :

  • An Application for Patent Registration in Form-1
  • Complete specifications in Form-2 however if not available then Provisional Specification
  • Statement and Undertaking n Form-3
  • A declaration from the inventor as to inventorship in Form 5;
  • A proof from the inventor regarding the right to file a Patent Registration application
  • If a Patent Registration application is filed by the patent agent/patent attorney then the power of authority in Form-26;
  • In case of convention application (Paris convention) or PCT national phase application, one has to file priority documents along with the application or within 18 months from the priority date;
  • It is required to submit the National Biodiversity Authority permission in case application is related to biological material obtained from India.
  • The source of origin of any biological material used in the specification should be clearly indicated in the Patent Registration application form.

Note 1: - All the documents have to be self-certified.

Note:- All the documents have to be self-certified

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Patent?

    A Patent is an exclusive right granted to the patentee for his/her invention for a limited period of time by the Intellectual property Department, Government of India.

  • Why Patent Registration in India is important?

    A patent registration helps in protecting the invention from being infringed by a third person.

  • Is Indian Patent valid throughout the world?

    Indian Patent registration gives territorial right only and it is not valid outside the territory of India.

  • For International Patent Registration, Can I file application under Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) n India?

    After obtaining patent registration in India, one can file PCT application in the patent office located in India.

  • How can I apply for Patent Registration in India?

    It’s a complete online process. All you need to do is upload the required details and leave the rest on Finango.

  • Can we file a patent registration application, before the publication of invention?

    Yes, patent registration application is filed prior to the publication of invention till then it should not be disclosed.

  • Is it important to file a provisional application first?

    No, but it is always preferred to file a provisional application first as the applicant gets sufficient time to evaluate the market potential of his/her invention.

  • Is Patent required to be renewed every year?

    Yes, the patent is required to be renewed a year by paying requisite renewal fees. Renewal fees can be paid yearly or in a lump sum as well. However, in the initial two years, there is no renewal fee.

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