FCRA Return Filling

Every FCRA-NGO has to submit an Annual Return to the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), online for its foreign fund receipts for the previous financial year. Also if FCRA NGOs don not receives foreign contribution Filing a Nil return is mandatory.

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How it works

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Your NGO must be saved from the delay in filing of FCRA return as it is an offence and attracts penalty as per the provisions of section 37 of the FCRA law.


    • Enhances credibility
    • Save your NGO from government interventions.
    • Safeguards the enjoy against penalty.


Any NGO registered as a Trust, Society or Section 8 Company who has obtained FCRA Registration/ Prior Permission eligible.

Validity Period

FCRA Return needs to be filed annually.

Processing Time?

Finango helps you to file within 4 days post validation of all your documents.

Documents Required :

  • Further every organization receiving foreign contributions is required to furnish a certificate from a chartered accountant. The preform of the certificate to be given by the chartered accountant is provided in Form FC-4. Along with this certificate, an audited Balance Sheet, Income & Expenditure statement and the statement of receipt and payment account should also be submitted. 
  • Note: - All the documents have to be self-certified.

Note:- All the documents have to be self-certified

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I file FCRA Return online?

    Form FC- 6 needs to be filed.

  • What is FC-4?

    Form FC-4 is filed as application for 'prior permission'

  • How do I log into FCRA?

    Visit http://fcraonline.nic.in/fc_login.aspx and enter the login credentials.

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