Commonly Asked Questions

  • What is Finango?

    We are the leading digital consultancy providing legal compliance and fundraising solutions for NGO's across India

  • How do I Contact Finango?

    Call us at (+91) - 9555529997 or email us at Contact Us:

  • What if I'm not happy with the service?

    We strive to make life easy for non-profits but in case you are not satisfied we come up with money back guarantee.

  • What is the process to purchase a service?

    It's a 3 step process:
    Visit the respective service page and click buy now.
    Provide us the documents in the upload section.
    Now just sit back and rest while we do the rest.

  • How can I be sure that my documents are safe with Finango?

    Each client's database is kept confidential and stored using encrypted cloud storage.

  • What is the process to register customer complaints?

    If you're not satisfied, simply send an email to and we will reach out to you at the earliest, during our normal business hours.

  • Is the online payment secured?

    Yes, it's absolutely safe.

  • How can I register my NGO?

    In India there are three ways to register an NGO: Trust, Society, Section 8 Company.

  • Which one is better a Trust, Society or Section 8 Company?

    Please read our detailed blog ….(Link)

  • How much does Finango charge to start an NGO?

    It depends on the form you want to get registered. Please visit…. For more details (Link Page)

  • Can I run an NGO from residence?

    Yes you can

  • Can NGO be run by one person

    No, you'll need minimum two members to start off.

  • Can NGO be registered online?

    Yes with Finango it's a completely online process.

  • Are NGOs exempted from Income Tax?

    Yes,they are once they have obtained registration u/s 12A.

  • How can I get 80 G Registration for my NGO

    Let Finango guide you through the process.

  • Is TDS Applicable on NGOs?

    Ye. For more details refer our detailed blog ….

  • Do you help NGOs in raising funds?

    Yes, we do.

  • How do NGOs get Funding?

    NGOs get funded through different types of donors- Individuals, Corporate donors, HNIs, crowd funding, Government Grants and schemes, International Donors.

  • How do you help NGOs in raising funds?

    Please visit our fundraising service section for more detail.

  • I started a new NGO, am I eligible to raise funds?

    Yes, you are regardless of when you started.

  • How can an NGO get Corporate Funding?

    After getting CSR-1 Registration. For more details visit our page

  • Can I get Funding without getting my NGO Compliant?


  • How do I approach and approach to donors.

    A well written proposal and digital presence is the key.

  • Why do NGOs need digital presence?

    It helps in enhancing their visibility, builds the brand and enhances networking.

  • How can I do NGO digital marketing?

    Let Experts at Finango guide you.

  • How can I make a website for my NGO?

    Let our technical experts provide you with cost effective solutions.

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